The art of mastering work related hair loss is being able to have a clear conscience post work. I clear conscience mean that you can fully relax after a day at work.

However, a conscience which is littered with worry will cause anxiety after work, sleep problems and, therefore, will increase the likely hood of hair loss.

Tis from Us:

  • Productivity – try be productive at work and feel good about what you achieve
  • Recording what you do – You’ll be surprised how many little things you get up to in a day – keep a record, read it at te end of the day. You’ll go back a happy man!
  • Distractions: focus at work so you don’t have to think about it when you get home – there’s plenty of time outside of work to check Facebook, eBay etc..
  • Switching off after work – exercise is good! As well as any other hobby
  • Perspective reading:
    • If work is really getting to you inside and outside of work, its often the case that you become obsessed with the problems that YOU face. This is not a good place to be psychologically. Consider reading a good book. Ideally read a book where the man character is someone that you get along with. This will allow you the enter someone elses way of thinking, relieving you of the stresses of your own world!

Reducing hair loss by learning to switch off!

Finally, a tricky subject – if the reason that you are stressing out over work is due to bullying or abuse, then I advise you to follow the following link: ######  (and then come back of course!)